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LFC Vitals:

League position: 1st

Next fixture: Monday 20th of August 8 PM Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park – Live Sky Sports

Top Scorer: Sadio Mane 2 goals

Last Game: Liverpool 4 -0 West Ham (Dunnie’s Prediction: Liverpool 3 – 0 West Ham)

It’s not very often that I’m right, just ask the lads on the Get Up the Yard! podcast, so in a perverse way, I was quietly annoyed when the ‘comeback kid’ Daniel Sturridge scored Liverpool’s fourth goal last Sunday. Heaping more misery on top of the hopeless Irons, and most tragically, ruining my opening day prediction in the process. Yes, even the fairytale of poor unfortunate Daniel Sturridge coming off the bench and bolstering Liverpool’s tally towards a more deserving figure couldn’t melt my heart, to be honest, I couldn’t have cared less about aul Danny boy. Other than ruining my prediction of course.

Oh Danny Boy

Pipes calling or not, when fit or arsed (seems to go hand in hand with him), Daniel Sturridge is a top finisher and a player of undoubted ability, arguably one of the best in the league. The million dollar question is, how often is he fit, or arsed, when the pipes are indeed calling? How long will it be before he gets up off his sofa having watched himself on repeat dancing around like an ‘eejit’ (right) after scoring a tap-in against an equally ‘un-arsed’ West Ham defence and somehow injure himself in the process? How long before we hear another laborious debate of Arsene Wenger proportions about a player that is undisputedly talented but mentally and physically brittle in equal measure? When will we start to hear Jurgen Klopp for the umpteenth time trying to coax out the Daniel Sturridge of 2013/14 vintage from his cotton wool shell? I am compelled to sympathise with the German, it must be like having a dashing turtleneck to impress the ladies with, but only allowed to wear it every Sunday for mass. Even that would do in this case!

No, I’m sorry but that ship left Albert Dock a long time ago.

Our Year?

Speaking of which, which ship has never entered Liverpool? The Premier’ship of course! HA HA HA HA HA

There are whispers and some are not even from Liverpool fans, that that will change in 2019, considering the firepower and squad that Liverpool now possess. To be fair, it is not a ridiculous assumption that 2019 could be ‘our year’ and an opening 4-0 demolition of the ‘Irons’ was a clear indication that Liverpool’s front three have picked up where they left off last season.

As good as Liverpool were, and they were bloody good, we have to be realistic. My job of being a miserable bastard is to temper expectations. One of my earliest memories as a Red was watching Liverpool drawing 4-4 with Everton

in February 1991 (right: Liverpool’s last Captain as defending champions Ronnie Whelan) and King Kenny resigning almost immediately after the game, thus missing out on any further league success. So please, have sympathy for this particular devil.

West Ham came to town last Sunday showing off its brand new manager, insisting on playing a suicidally high line while starting with a back four including three new signings and a further two new recruits playing in the engine room, that is midfield. The upshot of this was Liverpool having eighteen shots on goal to West Ham’s five. There were eight shots on target compared to two, respectively.

The match, if one could call it that, was just wave after wave of attack by the men in red being desperately kept at bay by players that probably aren’t even on a first name basis yet. So no, this was not a clear indication of how far we have come. That will be proven later on when teams come to Anfield well into their stride and batten down the hatches, frustrating Liverpool’s attack and trying to emulate one of the seven draws at Anfield that were achieved last season.

Things could be worse I suppose.

Mistaking a player’s head for a football (Karma is a beautiful thing)

One cannot condone violence on the football pitch, but one can certainly chuckle when the recipient of such is Sergio Ramos:

Walking Alone will return on Saturday 18th of August




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