Written by David Dunne

Roy Keane – A Fallacy

Roy Keane

After finally getting in from work late last night, I finally got to watch Wales v Ireland on my Tivo Box.

I really wish I hadn’t bothered…

A 4-1 hammering is hardly surprising as the team is in a mess. Preparation has been blunderbuss, four defeats out of the last five games tell it’s own story. Believe me, it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better.

The man, the myth….

For too long in Irish footballing circles, people have held Roy Keane on a pedestal, as a symbol of ‘professionalism’ and ‘moral courage’ of what we Irish can achieve if we prepare properly and believe in our ability.

This was true of the man as a player, no question. On the field, the Corkman encouraged people and forced those around him to raise their game and drag his teammates to heights previously thought unimaginable, for both Ireland and Manchester United.

However, as a manager and coach, Roy Keane has become the very antithesis of what made him so great as a player. He’s now merely a bully and a media whore. Keane is only interested in himself and is the only assistant manager that gets his own press conference.

Media Whore and a piss poor pundit

Why? Because we the public, want it. Crave it.

We lap up stories about Keane giving ‘that look’ to some over-paid upstart in his Bentley. I’m convinced some people sitting at home punched the air listening to the former Manchester United Captain ‘have a go’ at the English on ITV during the World Cup. While in the process ignoring the fact that his punditry consisted mostly of soundbites, one-liners, disapproving looks (yes ‘that’ one) and arguing with Ian Wright about the “semi-final”.

For a player as good as he was, his knowledge of the game seems to have disappeared up his own arse.

Selfish Bastard

I wouldn’t mind so much if his antics affected the only person Roy Keane cares about, himself. Unfortunately thanks to this twat, we’ve lost one of our best players in Harry Arter for the foreseeable future and morale looks as low what our world ranking is going to be when this, whatever this is, is over…

Please don’t think it’s just a coincidence that young players don’t want to play for the senior side with this mad fucker sitting in the dug-out. I mean, who would? Roy Keane just seems like too much hard work to be associated with and seems to be the problem when his role as a coach is supposed to be part of the solution!

He is the ultimate oxymoron.

John Delaney needs to grow a pair of balls from somewhere and get this arsehole away as far as possible from the Irish set-up. He’s poison, absolute poison.

Martin O’Neill isn’t much better, just like Keane, his best days are back in the early 2000’s…

I hope people will finally see Keane for what he is – a dinosaur, a relic who should be banished to the autograph circuit charging 30 quid a go.

It is simply not an opinion anymore, it is fact.

Rant Over.


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