Get Up The Yard
Get Up The Yard
Whatever You Want Baby

Dunnie has the absolute brass neck to say U2 are better than the Beatles! Big Mick is back as Ireland Manager Is painting your face black on black Friday racist?

Whatever You Want Baby

Written by Sean

Whatever You Want Baby

00:40 Dunnie laments the closing of Windmill Lane Studio

02:07 U2 are better than the Beatles?

05:00 Do you know where the national transport museum is?  What do you mean no!

08:00 Rory Gallagher vs Steven Seagal

11:35 School Shootings, the NRA & Gun Control

28:20 Mr Black Friday

32:18 Phil Mickelson Vs Tiger Woods Pay Per View

41:40 Mick McCarthy

56:26 Martin O’Neill  & Roy Keane

1:02:50 The FAI & the future for Irish International football


Closing of Windmill Lane Studios

This is widely considered the best song by U2

The Beatles casually inventing drum loops in the 60’s

Rory Gallagher doing his thing

Steven Seagal is to playing guitar what Rory Gallagher is to battering fellas

South Park school shootings

Charlton Heston Interview with Michael Moore

Marilyn Manson interview in Bowling for Columbine

The story of the Columbine Shooting

Black face for Black Friday

Tiger Woods Vs Phil Mickelson

Prince Naseem

Big Mick Returns

Martin & Roy are no more

The FAI has a plan this time

Producer: Sean Dempsey

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