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The Disappearance of Trevor Deely

Trevor Deely was last seen walking home after a work night out, being followed by a mysterious man in black. What happened to Trevor Deely?

The Disappearance of Trevor Deely

Written by Sean

In this episode we talk about the disappearance of Trevor Deely who vanished in 2000 after a Christmas night out with his work colleagues from Bank of Ireland.

The Disappearance of Trevor Deely

The night that Trevor Deely disappeared was a very wet and windy night which was exasperated by the fact that there was a taxi driver strike on that night, which meant there was a lot of people walking or perhaps looking for a lift home.

Trevor Deely was last seen dropping into his place of work at 03:30 collecting an umbrella for his walk home to his apartment on Serpentine Avenue.  He briefly interacts with an as yet unidentified hooded man, dressed in black who was waiting outside the building.

Trevor Deely then logs into his computer and then has a chat with his work colleague, Karl Pender who was working the night shift.

Trevor then leaves his office at 04:03 and leaves a voicemail for his friend Glen Cullen at 04:05 which according to Glen was something along the lines of “‘Hi, Glen, I’ve missed you there. Just on my way home, all going good, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.’ Or words to that very close effect.”  Gardai made no attempt to recover the voicemail.

Trevor Deely workplace
Trevor Deely’s place of work (Click image for a link on Google Maps)

The final sighting was on CCTV as he just passed over Baggot Street Bridge. Never to be seen again.

Baggot St Bridge
Final CCTV location just over Baggot St Bridge (Click image for link)


Trevor’s presumed journey home (Click for link)

There has been a lot of speculation about what happened to Trevor Deely, the most common theory at the time was that Trevor might have fallen into the canal and was unable to save himself. The area in the canal was searched, with no body turning up.

The Man in Black

There was also a person of interest, dressed in black standing outside of Trevor’s workplace who Trevor seemed to have a brief interaction with him but this person has never come forward. There is also a person in black, widely considered the same person walking 30 seconds behind Trevor who has yet to be identified.

Minutes after Trevor enters the building, two more people are seen on the CCTV but Gardai claim these are co workers and both have been cleared.

Which strikes us as odd as surely they could have given a description of the man in black?

It is also important to note that others were walking home that night at the same time.  All have come forward except the man in black and the others didn’t claim to see or hear anything suspicious.

Recent Developments

There was very few developments in the case until 2017.  Gardai received a tip off from a criminal with a “guilty conscience”.  The contact said Trevor Deely was attacked and murdered by a Crumlin gangster.  He said he was then buried in a three acre wooded site in Chapelizod, West Dublin.  It is worth noting that the criminal claimed he was not interested in the €100,000 reward.  He claimed that he couldn’t keep it a secret any longer.

Trevor Deely Chapelizod
Location of “tip off” (click for link)

The area was searched and although a gun and drugs were found during the search, investigators claim that they were not related Trevor’s disappearance, calling the site a ‘stash area’ for criminals.

Aged progressed image of Trevor

The Trevor Deely disappearance was a case that has resonated with us all.  We would like to wish his friends and family our best.  We admire his family’s tireless efforts to find him and we hope they find closure soon.


Producer: Sean Dempsey
Music:  Modra Luna

Do you know or think you know anything that might lead to Trevor’s whereabouts?

 Please contact Pearse Street Garda station tel: (01) 666 9000.

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