Get Up The Yard!

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We chat about Ireland’s result against Wales. Should you be compensated for hanging off a tram? Are “man size” tissues sexist?


Written by Sean


02:16 Ireland v Wales
19:37 Premier League
28:22 Scutting on trams = €€€€
42:08 Is calling a scheme to collect dog waste “Operation Irish” offensive?
45:45 Monkeys milling bricks at people in India – fella killed!
53:25 Jermaine Pennant on Jeremy Kyle
56:27 Radio host Adrian Kennedy twists knee on stage with hilarious results
58:26 Kleenex to get rid of sexist “man sized” tissues


  • 14.6667px;">Tram Girl
  • 11.0pt;">Operation Irish
  • 11.0pt;">Man stoned to death by monkeys
  • 11.0pt;">Jermaine Pennant on Jeremy Kyle
  • 11.0pt;">Adrian Kennedy does the jive
  • 11.0pt;">Sexist tissues 
  • 11.0pt;">Grizzly Man Documentary 
  • 11.0pt;">Travis the chimp
  • 11.0pt;">Siegfried and Roy

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