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Get Up The Yard
Royal Gammon

We talk about Harry and Meghan and what the future holds for them after giving up their royal duties. We also discuss the term gammon. Is it a racial slur?

Royal Gammon

Written by Sean

Harry and Meghan

In this episode we start off with Harry and Meghan and what the future holds for them.  Having recently given up their royal duties what can we expect from them?

One things for sure is it’s taken some of the attention away from this fella.


Everyone knows that the left can’t meme.  They tend to lack self awareness and have a tendency to call anyone right of Greta Thunberg a nazi.  US columnist Charles Krauthammer put it best:

“Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil” – Charles Krauthammer

With Brexit looming and the term Brexiter not having the desired effect.  There needed to be a term to describe those pesky leavers.  Brextits?  No that’s probably sexist.  We need to attack their appearance.  We need something that encapsulates their ashen jowls as they excitedly pontificate their views and so gammon was settled upon.

Piers Morgan got people talking when he tweeted “If you use someone’s skin colour to abuse them, you’re a racist.”

Is gammon racist?

What is your definition of racism?   For most people it is simply “discrimination based on race”.  So, as gammon is used to describe someone’s skin tone then it is by definition racist.  The argument in its favour is that it is just a reaction to terms like snowflake or social justice warrior.  But the difference is that those terms are based on ideology rather than appearance.

Producer: Sean Dempsey


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