Get Up The Yard
Get Up The Yard
John Delaney

We discuss the once untouchable John Delaney and his recent fall from grace.

John Delaney

Written by Sean

John Delaney

John Delaney.¬† Sure who hasn’t spent nearly 80 quid in a chipper?

John Delaney once ruled the FAI with an iron fist but as the saying goes, “‘power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’ and it seems that aul John is finally getting his comeuppance.

The ambiguities  vagueness of his finances and nonchalant attitude towards the fans has been a thorn in the Irish fans side for years.

He has at least one admirer still in Michael Healy Rae or ‘Michael Healy Bae’ as John Allegedly calls him.

This led to this amazing scene where Ivan Yates slams his fist down on a table, furious at the ‘craven leprechaun performance’ of Healey Rae.

Very well rehearsed Ivan.

The future of John Delaney is still anyone’s guess but there are a lot of supporters who will be glad to see the back him.


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