Hot Steam Baby
Get Up The Yard!

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Can you identify as another race/sex/age? Can we identify as a better podcast? James McClean vs the poppy…again.

Hot Steam Baby

Written by Sean

Hot Steam Baby

02:40 Oleksandr Usyk vs. Tony Bellew
06:00 Pay Per View costs
26:40 Manchester Derby
33:40 James McClean and them bloody poppies
39:20 Ireland v Northern Ireland
42:37 Trans-this trans-that…trans-fats are still bad though, right?


  • 11.0pt;">Fella forced to pay £85,000 for stream…still cheaper than pay per view
  • 11.0pt;">James McClean
  • 11.0pt;">Dutch man identifies as 20 years younger
  • 11.0pt;">50 year old bloke identifies as a 6 year old girl…got a problem with that, bigot?
  • 11.0pt;">Nutter11.0pt;"> 11.0pt;">Woman purposely blinds herself
  • 11.0pt;">Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who identifies as black
  • 11.0pt;">Transgender children rise by 4,000%
  • 11.0pt;">Jordan Peterson defends his stance on pronoun use 

Producer: Sean Dempsey

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