Hardcore Lunatics
Get Up The Yard!

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Kenny Makes his eagerly awaited return to the podcast. No more hand shandy’s in Starbucks. If a vegan ever got the chance he’d eat you and your whole family

Hardcore Lunatics

Written by Sean

Hardcore Lunatics

01:48  Euro Qualifiers

07:34 Did you know Dunnie lives in London?

08:48 Tayto vs Tayto

10:55 Brexit again

21:10 Bloody vegans…at it again

30:10 Having a Tommy Tank is now prohibited in Starbucks

34:00 Overusing phones in public

43:55 Ireland fixtures

48:15 Third European club competition

55:45 Our fantasy football league

  • 11.0pt;">Euro 2020 draw
  • 11.0pt;">Bumper edition of Dunnie Bingo this week!
  • 11.0pt;">London Crime Stats
  • 11.0pt;">The Great Tayto Debate
  • 11.0pt;">Foil Arms and Hogg sketch on Brexit
  • 11.0pt;">Vegan Protest
  • 11.0pt;">Starbucks Block Pornography
  • 11.0pt;">Frankie & Bennys offer kids free meals – if parents hand over phones
  • 11.0pt;">Phone addiction
  • 11.0pt;">The Europa League 2
  • 11.0pt;">Fantasy football ongoing results

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