Get Up The Yard
Get Up The Yard
Episode 18 - Continental Flavour

Manchester United’s Ambitions.
Premier League winners/losers.
Special Guest Luxy joins us.

Episode 18 – Continental Flavour

Written by Sean

3 thoughts on “Episode 18 – Continental Flavour

  1. It’s just not the same without Dunnie, his wit, his guile, his uncanny gift for predictions. Besides, what am I going to do for this week, if he’s not on to guide me? Outrageous, when it’s normally unbelievable..

    G. Neville

  2. Yvonne Kennedy says:

    Jayluxie sounded great knows his stuff, very well spoken.

  3. Jamie Carragher says:

    Don’t worry Gaz , I listened to the senior analysts ( Frank O’Donohue and David O’Brennan) and some foreign amateur this week. Monday night football is the bag #ratingsboostgetuptheyardafterepisode18

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