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Covid 19: Impact On Society

After weeks of lockdown, we take a look at some of the effects of Covid19 on society. Are the restrictions too much or do they not go far enough? We discuss

Covid 19: Impact On Society

Written by Sean

The effects of Covid 19 are really starting to kick in worldwide.  Business is at a standstill with the world virtually in lockdown.  In Ireland we are currently experiencing a restriction on “non essential movement”.  Limiting us to a 2km radius for exercise.  This has lead to a lot of confusion about what constitutes essential travel and what doesn’t.

Political Leadership

Donald Trump was in the news for his interest in the use of UV light therapy and disinfectants as potential avenues of research in the treatment of coronavirus.

This of course was immediately translated as Blurmphf sez inject bleach!!1!.  Donald Trump is not a doctor and his off the cuff remarks are not medical advice.  Also when he suggests that hydroxychloroquine, might be useful, he is not saying consume fish tank cleaner that contains the word chloroquine.

  1. Trump is not a doctor
  2. Greta Thunberg is not a climate expert
  3. CNN is not a news network

There is no cure for Covid19 as of now but there are multiple scientists working on a vaccine.

Bill Gates is a doctor though isn’t he?
Closer to home, Simon Harris made a gaffe recently about the 18 viruses we’ve had before Covid 19.  Covid 19 simply means Coronavirus disease 2019 and some have been similarly confused about the naming of the virus but the trouble with this mistake was that it was made by Simon Harris.. our minister for health.

What The Doctors Say

Sifting through the media sensationalism, rumours, half truths & outright lies has been difficult. There has been evidence of unhealthy people avoiding visits to their doctors in a bid to prevent contracting the coronavirus.  Self isolation is actually lowering our immune systems. So when we return to normality, we will be more susceptible to viruses.  Dr Erickson gives an interesting perspective in the video below.

Edit:  The video with over 5 million views was removed by YouTube.  YouTube censors doctors now fyi.

Police State

With all the restrictions in place, there has been some concerns about a burgeoning police state.

And…whatever this is.

Anti Chinese Sentiment

The Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China.  There has been a lot of criticism of how the Chinese government has handled the outbreak.  A recent poll by EU today on support of boycotting Chinese made products had 61.9% favouring of a boycott.

Producer: Sean Dempsey


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2 thoughts on “Covid 19: Impact On Society

  1. Niamh marie says:

    Love this so refreshing to hear such a compassionate , articulate witty and right on the pulse truths in your discussion on the covid -19 . Absolutely brilliant keep them coming !!!
    ‘When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world is in peace ‘ maybe this is what all this is about
    Thank you
    Peace love and harmony is all we need

    • Sean says:

      Thank you for listening and your lovely comment Niamh.

      Thanks and stay safe

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