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Are Liverpool and Tottenham Kindred Spirits?


In October 2015 Jamie Carragher once gave a scathing criticism of his former club after the sacking of Brendan Rodgers:

“Now Liverpool are becoming Tottenham. Think they’re a big club but the real big clubs are not too worried about them, who they buy, what they’re going to do. That’s the situation it’s become for Liverpool.”

Fast forward to 2018 and you could flip that statement and still, it would sound just as accurate as it was then.  Tottenham have now become the ‘big’ club that has wounded itself from a glass ceiling. Courtesy of chairman Daniel Levy.

Challenging for titles

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In 2015 Jamie Carragher was bemoaning Liverpool’s solitary trophy in ten years, the Carling Cup. He asked the question: “What are these owners of the club going to do to get Liverpool back where they need to be which is consistently in the Champions League and challenging for trophies. Because at this moment we’re becoming a team who think we’re a big club, but we’re not.”

The answer, of course, was Jurgen Klopp. The owners, Fenway Sports Group, have finally found a manager to back fully in the transfer window. Even smashing club and world records in the process. Despite the Red’s cruel defeat in the Champions League final to Real Madrid, the club has not rested on its laurels. Fenway and Klopp have identified the weaknesses and addressed them accordingly.

Granted we are only in September, however, Liverpool F.C. now possesses it’s the strongest squad since 1990 and have amassed five straight victories. This team can challenge for the title.

The future is bright – we hope.

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The introduction of Keita and Fabinho into the fold this season has consequently given Liverpool two extra signings for FREE.

It appears that messrs James Milner and Georginio Wijnaldum are having somewhat of a renaissance at the moment.

That’s what competition does folks, it reinvigorates and re-focuses those in the group.

Meanwhile the Spurs collective seem to have stood still and stagnated. Just look at their over reliance on an obviously unfit Harry Kane?

Against Liverpool on Saturday, Tottenham Hotspur was an absolute mess. After the blip at Vicarage Road, this was the opportunity for the home team to affix it’s title hopes.

Quite truthfully the 1-2 scoreline flattered Tottenham. It was miles away from the 4-1 drubbing handed out to Liverpool in this fixture last season.

Granted, after the international break a team is rarely at its sharpest. However, Tottenham took that to new heights (or lows) on Saturday at Wembley. To be truthful, the players bordered on the unprofessional. It was that bad.

Unlike 2015, it would appear from the evidence on Saturday that it is Liverpool who are in the ascendancy this time around.

In terms of squad rejuvenation, Tottenham and Liverpool are polar opposites. With Liverpool benefitting from competition, Tottenham are showing the damage of what a lack thereof can inflict on a squad’s mentality.

Transfer Window

At 17.00 BST August 9th, Tottenham Hotspur became the first team in Premier League history not to purchase a single player in the Transfer Window. Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino said at the time that he was happy for the club to “behave differently”.

This, of course, smacks of spin doctoring by the Argentinian coach.

How can you possibly believe that to stand still in a race will help you win it? It’s not as if he’s keeping together a title-winning team.

Instead, Pochentino told the press that it was more important to simply hold on to his best players than to sign new ones.

Bollocks, I say.

Fenway Sports Group tried that one before when they too dithered in previous windows.

The truth is, Daniel Levy has tightened the purse strings at Tottenham because there is a new stadium to pay for. In total, almost one billion pounds.

One must question the wisdom in financing in what is indeed going to be a superb stadium, at the expense of the team. Especially when this Tottenham team are so close to forming a real title challenge.

Did Arsenal not teach them anything in 2006?

I wonder if Pochettino will be happy to “behave differently” if he finds himself in the same predicament on the 1st of February 2019?

It’s amazing how both clubs are linked. They compel eachother like a see-saw, one is up while the other is down.

In my opinion, he will be happy to behave differently at another club.


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