From working in football for over six years I have accumulated a certain knowledge of the stewarding side of football, especially when it adheres to agencies. That knowledge ladies and gentlemen is that agency workers make up a huge slice of the working staff on any given top-flight matchday.

Liverpool FC failing to pay workers Living Wage

Written by David Dunne

Liverpool failing to pay workers Living Wage

Before the season started..

I wrote a piece outlining my disgruntlement at the cost of supporting my beloved club Liverpool FC.  So imagine my ‘joy’ at reading a Daily Telegraph article which runs with the headline “Workers at Liverpool not paid ‘Living Wage’ despite club promise“.

Remind me again how we’re a family and not just a club Liverpool FC?

Surely one of the biggest clubs, in the richest football league in the world, in one of the poorest areas of England, would be the first to jump at paying their staff a wage that they could, in theory, live on?

Liverpool Football Club, the club that stands for its people, the bastion of the working man that was built by Bill Shankly the uber-socialist refusing to pay their stewarding staff whats due?

Strictly speaking, no.

Liverpool FC

According to an investigation by the Daily Telegraph, Liverpool FC are paying staff working directly for the club at £8.75 per hour which qualifies as a ‘living’ wage in the North West of England as promised by chief executive Peter Moore last November. However, the caveat? That ‘living’ wage is not offered to the agency workers that frequent Anfield on match day, they receive the minimum wage of £7.38 or (£7.83 over the age of 25) instead.

Family right?

What’s the big issue you might ask?

Ok, but they’re just stewards though, aren’t they? Yes, but.. Stewards are people too.

Look, I get it. I’m sure we’ve all gone to games up and down the country and had the misfortune of dealing with a steward that leaves you with two thoughts: 1) How did they dress themselves? and 2) How did they manage to find their way to the ground without the use of a teleportation device?

No, I’m not making fun of the mentally disabled, more the workshy victims of a sticky mattress. Although thankfully not all are like that.

According to the Telegraph, Liverpool FC are ‘working’ towards making sure every member of the workforce is paid the ‘living wage’. Really? Why has it taken so long?

The time for such action would have been before the start of the season as most stewarding contracts are done on a season by season basis, so my guess is it won’t be happening anytime soon.

Why does it take an investigation by a newspaper to force a disgustingly wealthy club to do the right thing by their employees, third party or not?

Liverpool FC uses their history as a major selling point for supporters all over the globe, to be fair they haven’t got much choice based on the lack of achievements over the last ten years. One such example is the great Bill Shankly. Having read his book and watched several interviews, one must ask the question: What would the great man make of all this?

Living Wage

Evidently not your staff….


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