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Eamo doesn’t like the ‘keeping ball’ thing

National treasure – Eamon Dunphy, has been giving out about Manchester City “humiliating” Chelsea during their comfortable 1-0 victory over the current champions on Sunday.

“They [Chelsea] go to Manchester and get humiliated really,” Dunphy said on Game On on 2FM.”

It is humiliating for a player at any level, to have the keep-ball thing. I didn’t like what City were doing at times yesterday. I thought they were almost making a statement of passing the ball to each other and not really giving a damn. There was a contempt in their body language. Perhaps I’m wrong but I don’t like that. I don’t like to see good players humiliated.”

I said it to John Giles last night and he said ‘you are bloody crazy, go and see a doctor’.”

I concur with Johnny Giles. After all, this is Eamon Dunphy, the man who has lashed Martin O’Neill the current Republic of Ireland manager, for the use of the cringing long ball strategy.

Besides, it’s a bit difficult for City to do anything else, especially when the opposition makes absolutely zero effort to win the ball back!

Have a listen: http://2fm.rte.ie/2fm-shows/game-on/



Pep Guardiola has admitted a Football Association charge of “wearing a political message”.

An FA statement read: “Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has admitted an FA charge for wearing a political message, specifically a yellow ribbon, in breach of the FA’s kit and advertising regulations. A paper hearing has been requested, with a date to be set in due course.”

Meanwhile, Martin Glenn, the head of the organisation charging Pep over wearing the yellow ribbon, was busy apologising for his “ill-judged”, “offensive” and “inappropriate” comments while trying to explain why the FA were charging Pep over wearing the yellow ribbon.

Karma is awfully quick these days isn’t it?


English pettiness at its worst.


Pre-game entertainment

This was reported by the Mirror, have a read:

“A German football fan has been arrested after he was allegedly caught ‘masturbating in the stands’ while watching a Bundesliga clash.

The unknown Hertha Berlin supporter was snapped on video midway through the lewd act – and it was quickly uploaded to social media for all to see.

The images of the man sprawled across the terraces with his jeans around his ankles unsurprisingly went viral, with many struggling to understand why someone would choose a football stadium to partake in such an act.

He was seen being accosted by Schalke stewards before being ejected from the arena during their 1-0 victory over Hertha.

Originally posted by Twitter user dueSe04, the Schalke fan wrote: “This really happened in the Arena yesterday. Unbelievable,” before the video and pictures were later deleted.

The pictures have been circulated among several German newspapers with the publications reporting the man had been arrested after a scuffle with police.

He now faces indecency and assault charges.”

Check out the video: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/german-football-fan-arrested-for-12131214

I’ve always said football fans are wankers.

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