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King Mo


Liverpool sensation Mohamed Salah has been reaping the praise from his manager, team-mates, pundits and opposing managers after scoring four goals against a piss poor Watford side sleepwalking through the second half of their season.

Even Watford boss Javier Gracia went as far (ridiculous) to ‘compare’ the Egyptian wizard to Lionel Messi. Hmm.

The Mirror reports:

Four years ago, on this exact weekend, Gracia took Osasuna to the Nou Camp to face Barcelona.

Despite all his plans, they were beaten 7-0, with Messi grabbing a hat-trick and becoming Barca’s all-time leading scorer in the process.

“They are both incredible players — they were both unstoppable, yes. Honestly, both are fantastic, and now Salah is in a very good moment, one of the best in Europe,” said Gracia.


Moan United

I see Manchester United fans are up in arms about having to play Tottenham Hotspur in the semi-final of the FA Cup at Wembley stadium. Normally I would agree, the FA Cup final is the game that should show the first glimpse of Wembley stadium to any team in the competition. However, with a huge stadium debt to pay and a money hungry council, there is more chance of me playing in the showpiece final, or Mourinho changing his philosophy than having that game moved.

Still, I see some magic Jose dust being sprinkled on the United supporters getting their excuses in nice and early.

If Spurs reach the final, I wonder if Chelsea or Southampton will ask for the game to be moved to Twickenham?


Jordan’s Special Message for Mo

Back we go to Mo Salah and the Daily Mirror, taking their story from the Liverpool Echo:

Jordan Henderson has revealed the special message he left on Mohamed Salah’s match ball after his Watford heroics.

The Egyptian continued his incredible season on Saturday as he took his tally to 36 goals in 41 games with four goals at Anfield.

Salah is the first Liverpool player to score four in one game since Luis Suarez in December 2013.

Salah took home the match ball and his teammates all signed it, leaving a special message – reports the Liverpool Echo.

“Everyone did (signed) the ball for him,” said Henderson.

“I just kept it simple for him. I just said ‘Well done superstar’.”


I would have kept it even simpler, “Why couldn’t you have done this last week? ”


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