DAILYMOAN 12/03/18

Written by David Dunne


Dailymoan – Who analyses the analysts?

By Dunnie

Spitting Image

What do you do when you own a sports news channel and one of your own employees is the headline news? Ignore it and then play it down of course. Liverpool legend and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher has been caught spitting at a Manchester United fan’s car while being goaded by the fan after his team’s 2-1 loss on Saturday. Unfortunately the gentleman – who was filming while driving – had his daughter caught up in the ugly incident. The 14-year-old seemed to be the only one showing any sort of maturity during this rather stupid encounter.

Carragher who has apologised to the family for the incident has been removed from punditry duties from Danish station TV3 for their Champions League coverage and is waiting to hear what punishment SKY have in store for him. Perhaps he’ll be sent to cover all of West Ham’s remaining home games for his crimes?

I can hear it now from Manchester United fans all around the country, well London, baying for his blood and calling for his sacking. The same fans that still worship Eric Cantona after his assault on a Crystal Palace fan in 1995.

I am not bitter over Saturday in the slightest.

How long has Richard Keys been waiting for something like this to happen?

I wonder if SKY have a recording of his phone call to Andy Gray this time around?


A new era for Scotland

Scotland Manager Alex McLeish has taken on the job for the second time and has apparently re-invented his image in the process.

Hopefully McLeish can do a better job at halting Scotland’s receeding stature in World football than he has at halting his receeding hairline.




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