Cheer Up Pep

Written by David Dunne

Cheer up Pep, Last night you finally hit the big time.

Up until 2011, Manchester United’s Old Trafford faithful used to proudly sport a banner that resembled a clicker, counting the years since their noisy neighbours last won a trophy. The banner had to be retired after City beat Stoke in the 2011 FA Cup final to win their first trophy since 1976.


However if they are looking for a replacement banner maybe they could do up a new clicker banner that counts any losses City incur since Pep Guardiola put his stamp on this Man City squad in the summer, it would probably move at the same pace as the previous one. Manchester United fans seemed to enjoy their best night of the season last night, Who did they beat?


They didn’t even play. In fact every football fan bar City supporters seemed to really enjoy Wigan’s victory last night. But save me the nonsense that it was the magic of the cup that people were enjoying, it wasn’t. It was City’s quadruple hopes been dashed that warmed their hearts. “Peps meltdown” ” the Aguero incident” “Delphs dangerous tackle” These were the things being talked about, not Wigan’s joy or heroics.  

Pep Guardiola should take comfort from that, because as he changed Fergie time to Pep time with a glut of late goals to turn draws into victories, he has now turned ABU’s to ABC’s. ANYBODY BUT CITY.  If you want to assess how popular you are, count your friends, if you want to assess how successful you are, count your enemies.

And they all came out of the woodwork last night.
Last year when City where having dark days away to Leicester and Everton people sniggered in a told you so type of way.  “Welcome to England Pep”, you might get away with not coaching the tackles in Spain or Germany but not in the premier league. No way Jose.

However this season has proved that peps ways are not hampered by borders as City are 16 points clear of their nearest rivals, in apparently the world’s toughest league. Little credit is given to that, only caveats to try downplay it. It is lost that Manchester United were many people’s favourites for the title this year. People are at pains to give any type of credit. “ The standard of the league has dropped” ohh what a coincidence.


None of this should or will bother Pep, after the fallout of last night and delight people took in City’s misery.
Pep should realise from the reaction to last night’s defeat he has finally made it in England. It would certainly appear that what is seldom is indeed wonderful.

–  Frank

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