Get Up The Yard!

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Wearing of the Poppy at football games. The Apu controversy. Sure what’s wrong with wearing a blackface halloween costume anyway?


Written by Sean


02:25 Football Roundup
06:15 Wearing Poppies
36:55 Is it ok to dress up as another a character of another race?
44:55 Is Apu Nahasapeemapetilon a racial stereotype?
57:30 Peter Casey’s comments about travelers
01:11:15 Wanker of the week

  • 11.0pt;">James McClean refusal to wear a poppy
  • 11.0pt;">Poor auld Apu
  • 11.0pt;">Jules Winnfield Costume
  • 11.0pt;">Peter Casey
  • 11.0pt;">This week’s wanker

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